Nobody wants to see that

You may — or may not — remember my blog in the incarnation of tomayto-tomahdo a couple of years back.  After watching the delightful French film Bright Days Ahead the other night, I was inspired to resuscitate it under a new name, Nobody wants to see that.  The movie’s protagonist is spiky, sexy, sixty-ish Caroline (Fanny Ardant) who finds herself tumbled into retirement somewhat against her will, and via a dubious gift from her daughter, joins club of jolly retirees filling their leisure time with pottery, computer skills and amateur dramatics. The ladies of the am dram production ruefully explain to Caroline that they’ve been told their costumes will have high collars to hide their wrinkly necks, which very much brought to mind how des femmes d’un certain age are generally viewed — nobody wants to see that.

Here’s the link to imdb’s page on the film, which I would recommend.  Caroline in her quiet, classy French way rebels against being shunted into her new role as a benign retired granny with ‘hobbies’.  And as this is a French film, she has an affair with a dishy instructor from the club who is 25 years younger  Brighter Days Ahead

I’m not French, and I’m not retired — far from it — but I rather hope I’m something like Caroline.

Fanny Ardant as Caroline
Fanny Ardant as Caroline

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