A whole day off

I’m amazed to find that I have the whole of a Saturday afternoon off, off from cleaning something or shopping for stuff or pretending to know what I’m doing out in the garden.  I say I have it ‘off’, but I suspect that if I made a list, there would be plenty of chores to fill my Saturday afternoon off, but I’m not going to make the list.  Not today.

There’s the great thing about being a grown-up kids: you can do what you want.  When I was a youth, I dreamed of this day when nobody could tell me what to do.  I’ve sat by the river and drunk a can of A&W root beer (imported from the US, so at a dear price £1.20), and I’ve downloaded the new Alabama Shakes album so far. What other crazy things will I dream up then?  I might lie on the sofa and read a book, possibly with a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit.  The world is my oyster, and those dandelions growing all over the back garden lawn look pretty damn good to me.

View from the bench
View from the bench

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